5 Worst Captains in IPL: Most Unsuccessful Captains in IPL

5 Worst Captains in IPL: Most Unsuccessful Captains in IPL
5 Worst Captains in IPL: Most Unsuccessful Captains in IPL

IPL is one of the toughest and hardest tournament in the world. Many internationally successful captains has not only found it hard to win the tournament, but they has also found it hard to win matches as well. With IPL 2020 in the corner, we present you the 5 Worst captains in IPL till date.

Note: The stat has been taken as minimum 10 matches as IPL captain.

Top 5 Worst Captains in IPL

#1 Kevin Pietersen (17.64% win rate)

Kevin Pietersen is known as the one the best match winners of world cricket. Many had thought, if his off-field life was bit sorted, he could have lead England at least in shorter formats. He got that opportunity to lead teams in IPL. Pietersen had lead Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL.

KP's Record as captain in IPL: Worst captain in IPL
KP’s Record as captain in IPL

In his 17 matches as captained, KP had won only 3 matches of them. Though, both Delhi and RCB had a strong team, but KP could not lead them to victories anyhow. Perhaps, his team management skills were questioned many times during his stint as IPL captain. Pietersen has retired from the game now. All though, he is a successful commentator now. With only 17.64% of winning rate, Kevin Pietersen leads the chart of Worst Captains in IPL history.

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#2 Aron Finch (20% win rate)

The current Australian T20 Captain, had found it tough in the IPL as a captain. Finch had lead the Pune Warrior in the 2013 season of IPL. Though, his captaincy stint was only for one season, he could impress any of the franchise to recon him as a leader since then.

Finch's record as captain in IPL: Most unsuccessful captains in IPL
Finch’s record as captain in IPL

In his 10 matches as captain, Finch had only won 2 of them and lost 8 of them. His win percentage of 20% made sure Pune Warriors would seat at the bottom half of them points table in the 2013 season. Thus, with only 20% wining rate Aron Finch stands at No.2 on our list of most unsuccessful captains ever in IPL.

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#3 Brandon McCullum (25% win rate)

McCullum was handed the captaincy of KKR in the season of 2009 after a very controversial season of 2008 for KKR. He was captain after Sourav Ganguly. So, he had a pressure of delivering upon his shoulders. But, somehow McCullum failed to deliver what was expected from him that season as a leader.

McCullum's record as captain in IPL: Most unsuccessful captains in IPL
McCullum’s record as captain in IPL

Later, he had also lead the Gujarat Lions in 2016 season for one match. In his 14 matches as a captain in the IPL, McCullum only won 3 of them, losing 10 of the matches. His win percentage of only 25% is one of the lowest in IPL history. However, McCullum is very successful as a New Zealand captain. But, his failure as an IPL captain makes him seat at no.3 in our list of worst captains in IPL.

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#4 Mahela Jayawardene (35% win rate)

Mahela is the best example of does not matter how much international experience and success you have, IPL is totally a different ball game. Mahela is one of the few players in IPL history who lead every team he had played for. He was the captain of the Delhi Daredevils, Kings XI Punjab, and then Kochi Tuskers Kerala.

With all of his experience in the international circuit, Mahela could not manage to win many games for all of the franchise he had played for. This Sri Lankan legend found it hard to cope up with the pressure of IPL and managing players of all over the world with different personalities.

Mahela's record as captain in IPL: Worst captains in IPL
Mahela’s record as captain in IPL

In his total number of 30 IPL matches as captain, Mahela managed to win only 10 of them. He faced defeats in 19 of the matches he had been a captain in IPL. Perhaps, with all of his experience and knowledge, with only 35% win rate, he is one of the most unsuccessful captains of IPL history.

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#5 Ajinkya Rahane (36% win rate)

Rahane is the only Indian in our list of worst captains in IPL. Though known for his cool and collective nature, everyone assumed Rahane to be a great leader in the Indian circuit. Ajinkya had lead the Rising Pune Supergiant and Rajashthan Royals in the IPL.

With the arrival of international captains like Steve Smith, Rahane could not deliver his best to hold his position of the captain in the Royals camp. However, he was considered in the leadership group of the Royals all the time, but he was not the best option for them to get the success they were aiming for.

Rahane's record as captain in IPL: Most unsuccessful captains in IPL
Rahane’s record as captain in IPL

In his 25 matches as IPL captain, Rahane only managed to get over the line in 9 matches. Whereas, he lost in 16 of the matches he had lead. Though, this win percentage does not speaks for his leadership quality but IPL is a stat based tournament, where wining is the ultimate goal. With only 36% win rate, Rahane stands at number 5 on our list of most unsuccessful captains in IPL.

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