Harsha Bhogle on Suresh Raina leaving IPL: IPL 2020 Updates

Harsha Bhogle on Suresh Raina leaving IPL 2020
Harsha Bhogle on Suresh Raina leaving IPL 2020

Hasrsha Bhogle on Raina Leaving IPL: “I don’t know the reason yet…IPL franchises takes after players better than parents do. “

On Monday morning, Harsha Bhogle coming to a YouTube live stream has said what he think about this Raina scene. He has also expressed his thoughts on knowing MS Dhoni, Sourav- Chappell, and IPL 2020.

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The veteran commentator, who is no longer seen on the television after Star Sports had axed him from the panel, came on a YouTube live stream by stand-up comedian Sorabh Pant. There was also Anu Menon too in the show. Bhogle now is one of the main broadcaster for Cricbuzz.

On being asked about Raina leaving the IPL 2020 for personal reasons, Harsha answered,

I don’t know the reason yet… Was he depressed, was he claustrophobic, I don’t know yet.

Then he added,

IPL franchises looks after players better than even parents do. There is not a single NO!

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Harsha on a successful IPL 2020

However, with all this pandemic going on and players leaving the tournament, Bhogle thinks that if this year’s IPL gets completed successfully, it will be a great achievement.

Though, he thinks it will be very interesting to see how the players adapt with no audience in the stadium. In addition, he thinks that adapting with different situation is what separates the champions from the rest, taking the reference of Novak Djokovic wining US Open this year.

Sorabh Pant, the host of the stream asked him about what impact would the pandemic affect on players, as this is the first time players are missing the game for so long. To answer this question Bhogle took the reference of the World War II and said,

People who played either side of the war did not played for five years. They came back and played liked that was just a game for them…Keith Miller was in the war…They were able to play with amateur spirit.

Harsha Bhogle on pandemic effect on cricket

The interview had everything. Anu Mennon asked Harsha about being the “insider outsider”. Harsha replied in his way saying, “I knew my role. If you think someone’s elbow is not high enough, you let someone else to have a say on that.”

If you think someone’s elbow is not high enough, you let someone else to have a say on that.

The senior commentator who was one of the very first Indian broadcaster on Radio and Television had seen many moments of Indian cricket live from the commentary box. However, according to him the 2007 World T20 final, and the Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell test match are one of his favorites. He also expressed his sadness on not being in the Wankehede Stadium on the night of the 2011 final.

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Harsha about his early days and Geoffrey Boycott

Harsha shared his experiences with greats of the game and how he made a mark on the broadcasting arena. While doing that, he said he could not have a fan boy moment while doing a broadcasting event. Perhaps he learned from the likes of Geoffrey Boycott and got attention because of his relations with them.

I was learning and I got attention because of Boycott.

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Harsha on “restrictions while broadcasting a game”

However, Harsha is axed from the Star Sports panel and he is now leading the Cricbuzz team with all of his experiences and knowledge. On being asked about if there was or is any restrictions from the authorities while broadcasting a game, he replied,

There is issues to be talked about and game to be talked about….. There was never any restriction on talking cricket.

Harsha Bhogle on restrictions in broadcasting

Harsha on knowing MS Dhoni, Ganguly Chappell controversy, and why Garry Kirsten was successful

Then came the questions from live audiences of the YouTube live stream as well. Once fan asked Harsha to tell anything about MS Dhoni that the world does not know. In reply with a smile in his face Harsha replied, “I don’t know MS Dhoni well”

I don’t think anyone in this world, hopefully except Sakshi, who can say I know MS Dhoni well.

Harsha Bhogle on knowing Dhoni

One fan then asked about the Ganguly-Chappell saga. Actually, Harsha was the one who first covered the Ganguly-Chappell incident in Zimbabwe. Clearing his thought on that controversy and Greg Chappell, Harsha said,

“His ideas were right, but sometimes it’s the communication of the message which is important. You must communicate in a way that it challenges, and some thing that people can inspire to rather than make people insecure.”

Harsha Bhogle on Greg Chappell’s coaching method

Then the conversation went from an unsuccessful Indian coach to a successful Indian coach. Harsha told the viewers what actually separated Greg from Garry Kirsten. He shared one story where Gautam Gambhir had told him about Garry. Gambhir said that Garry told him “not worry about weakness but to focus more on this strengths. You are already good, let’s make you better “

Let’s make it better what you are already good at.

Garry Kirsten’s mantra.

You can watch the full interview on YouTube-

Harsha Bhogle on Sorabh Pant’s show

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